What's It All About?

The NPMHU is a national organization of employees dedicated to advancing the interest of its members and their families. The primary purpose of the Union is to negotiate and enforce a National Agreement with the U.S. Postal Service, a contract that establishes wages, cost-of-living adjustments and other pay increases, working conditions, and fringe benefits for all workers within its jurisdiction.




YOU run the NPMHU. Every level of the NPMHU operates democratically o­n the principle of majority rule. As a member of the Union, you have a right to be heard and the right to vote to express your concerns. All local and national officers are elected by the members by secret mail ballot. Any member can become a candidate for elected office simply by being nominated in accordance with the requirements of the NPMHU Constitution. All members also vote o­n ratification of the National Agreement, and elect delegates to the National Convention. The National Convention convenes every four years and is the highest governing body in the Union. Between Conventions, the National Executive Board directs the Union's policy and programs.

Establishing Our Collective Strength Mail Handlers employed by the USPS are covered by a National Agreement, which is our collective bargaining agreement covering a wide array of issues relating to wages, hours, benefits and working conditions. The NPMHU has a National Negotiating Team that meets with the Postal Service management several months before the contact expires. Based o­n suggestions submitted by rank-and-file Union members, the team proposes contract language to which the Postal Service responds, and through a concentrated series of discussions, and with the give and take of negotiation, they attempt to reach an agreement that works for everyone.

Policing and Enforcing the Agreement

Once the National Agreement has been estabilished, the officers and representatives of the NPMHU - at the National, Regional, Local and Branch level - work to police and enforce the contract, and to protect the rights of Mail Handlers on the work room floor.

What Dues and What For?

National dues pay for all the operating expenses of the Union. This includes contract negotiatios, grievance handling above the local level, and the cost associated with national level arbitration. Members' dues also cover the cost of publications, professional fees, legislative activities, education and training and community service programs.

Local and National Roles

Mail Handlers members belong to a local union, with jurisdiction in their city town or area ( Local 306 juisdiction is Illinois and Wisconsin). They negotiate a local Memorandum of Understanding to suplement the National Agreement on certain local concerns.

Your Grievances are Heard

If you feel that management has violated your rights, subjected you to harassment or discriminated against you, you should immediately discuss the problems with your steward. The steward, your Union representative on the workroom floor, will deterimine whether a violation has occurred and will try to reach a settlement with your immediate supervisor. If this effort fails, the Union can appeal management's action to a higher level. If all of these effort fail, the Union may request that an impartial arbitrator be called in to settle the grievance.

How the Membership Works for You!

The most important benifit you gain from union membership is the power to be heard. You can determine your own future by participating in local meetings, voting for local and national officers, voting on the contract and running for office or petitioning for changes throughout the Union.

Organizations Working Together

The NPMHU is affiliated with a variety of other organizations, including the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), the AFL-CIO, Union Network International (UNI), and the Postal Employees Relief Fund (PERF). All of these organnizations work to promote the rights and interest of Mail Handlers. As a member or the NPMHU, you automatically become a member, at no additonal cost, of all of these organizations, and become eligible for all benefits that they offer.

Union Participation and Information

Participating in Union meetings and the activites of the local will ensure that you know what is happening and what issues and concerns are currently being discussed within the Union. In addition, you'll be kept informed with local and national union publications, such as the monthly "MAIL HANDLER UPDATE" and the quarterly "Mail Handler" magazine.