Cardiss Collins P&DC


The predecessor to Cardiss Collins P&DC was the Old Chicago Main Post Office located at 433 W. Van Buren Street. It was the o­nly post office in the world with an expressway passing through it. It was the home-away- from-home for many Chicago Postal workers and Chicago's mail hub for nearly 65 years. Chicago's Main Post Office was completed in 1932 by the Post Office Department, it served well - through wars, huge mail volume growth and technological advances.

Congresswoman Cardiss Collins, D-IL, the longest-serving African American women in Congress, has been the representatives for Illinois' Seventh Congressional District for over 20 years. Her leadership on important social, political, and economic issues has earned her the reputation of an effective policy maker and representative.

Chicago Airports, links to both of Chicago's metropolitan airports... O'Hare and Midway.  Gary-Chicago 
Metra, regional commuter rail system serving multiple downtown stations and all major suburbs
CTA, Chicago's public bus & rail system, serving the city and some neighboring suburbs
Amtrak, national passenger railway, to Chicago Union Station.

South Suburban P&DC


Striving for three voices, Customer, Craft & Management at

South Suburban PD&C in Bedford Park, Il. Is Striving for 3 voices, ?The Customer, Craft and Management?. That is why this past Wed. and Thur. we rolled out Quality of Work Life to Mail Handlers Craft and Management. The Orientation was a success. Plant Manager Robert Hart, and Sr. MDO Michael Lee gave energetic speeches. Followed by the Central Ill. Dist Manager John Wawrzyniec, who welcomed both Management and Mail Handler Craft Members into the Quality of Work Life Process.

Milwaukee P&DC

The Oshkosh facility is close to having their APBS up and running and will begin processing

outgoing priority mail from Iron Mountain and the northern part of Wisconsin soon. The

installation of this machine and the shifting of the mail from the Milwaukee Annex to Oshkosh

Tony Wojtecki remembers his late father hanging out with his friends -- most of who worked in breweries -- and sipping bottles of Pabst or Schlitz. When Wojtecki opened his own bar, he wanted to name it something that would remind him of his dad.

Hence, The Bottle Milwaukee -- commonly referred to as simply "The Bottle" -- was born.

"I wanted 'Milwaukee' in the name," says Wojtecki. "I like this city. I'm really proud of it."

Madison P&DC

We invite you to explore this site to find all the information you need to turn your vision of a perfect getaway into a reality. The escape you've been craving is closer than you think

As the leaves change color, the Madison area bursts into life with shades of red, yellow and orange. Enjoy the crisp autumn air as you stroll the serene lakeside and the stately UW-Madison campus or explore the many wonderful attractions and communities just an easy, scenic drive from the heart of the city.

Rockford P&DC

ROCKFORD -- Everywhere you looked at Giovanni's Wednesday night, Rock River Valley residents were decked out in their favorite Chicago Bears or Green Bay Packers garb. Unless you were MILL Foundation Chair Tom Rose, who wore a specially made half-Bears, half-Packers T-shirt that his wife created.

"This way I can switch it around as much as I want," Rose joked as Bears and Packers fans packed the east-side banquet hall waiting for special guests former Bears great Gale Sayers and Green Bay Packers legend Bart Starr to make their entrance.

Springfield P&DC

Springfield Mayor Tim Davlin was unable to say how many minorities he's hired since taking office last year, but he believes his numbers are considerably higher than those of previous administrations.

Davlin, following Tuesday's Springfield City Council meeting, indicated he was reluctant to put in writing how many non-whites he has hired out of fear of being sued.

Peoria P&DC

Since then the newspapers have only allowed about 200 of the strikers to return to work, at lower wages, and then fired at least two of them. The unions declared the companies' actions a lock-out and went to the NLRB requesting a federal court order returning the strikers to their jobs.

The demonstration and other actions here over the weekend attracted workers from across North America.

Chicago NDC


Carol Stream P&DC

The Carol Stream P&DC was completed in April 1992 at a cost of $67 million dollars. The facility is approximately 760,000 square feet located on 63 acres of land. We process over 4 million pieces of mail daily servicing the 601 and 603 ZIP areas.

QWL Circle Initiates Week-Long Health Fair

The Carol Stream Tour 1 QWL Circle named Our P.A.C.T. will spearhead a week-long health fair at the Carol Stream Facility o­n each tour beginning April 18-22. There will be health testing, visits from Jenny Craig, Lifesource, Fitness Centers, etc. There will also be CPR exhibits and the Fire Department and Police Departments will also be o­n hand to lend their support and assistance. The culmination of the Health Fair will be April 22, 2005, with that being declared "QWL Day" and all of the circles will present projects they've worked o­n. For further information contact QWL coordinators Mike Smith (630) 260-5648 or Will McMeans, (630) 260-5649.

Palatine P&DC

In 1835, the first settlers arrived in what is now Palatine Township. They settled in wooded areas such as Deer Grove, Englishman's Grove, Highland Grove (Inverness), and Plum Grove.

Palatine township was originally designated "Township 42" by State Constitution. In 1850, the townspeople gathered at a local schoolhouse to choose a new name for the township. It is very likely that the name Palatine originated from the "Palatinate" area along the Rhine River in Germany, The European home of many of our early settlers.

Champaign P&DC

The route of a railroad played a major role in the creation and location of modern-day Champaign


293.2 Qualifying Mail and Minimum Quantity Requirements

Letter-post mail as defined in 241 that meets all applicable mailing standards may be sent in this service. There is a minimum volume requirement of 50 pounds per mailing except for the Direct Shipment option, which requires a minimum 750 pounds to a single country destination. Mail is prepared as (1) direct country sacks when there are 11 pounds or more to a single country or required country separation; (2) mixed country package sacks when there are 10 or more pieces or at least 1 pound of mail to a single country, but less than 11 pounds; and (3) residual mail when there are fewer than 10 pieces or less than 1 pound of mail to a single country. Residual mail may not exceed 10 percent, by weight, of the mail presented in direct country sacks, M-bags, and mixed country package sacks. Qualifying residual mail is subject to the appropriate ISAL rate (Full Service, Direct Shipment, M-Bag, or Dropship ISC).