AFL-CIO Urges Congress to Reject Misguided Plan to Fund Federal Highway Trust Fund



(June 5, 2014) On behalf of the AFL-CIO, I urge you to oppose eliminating Saturday mail delivery as a “pay for” to replenish the federal highway trust fund. The Highway Trust Fund cannot be allowed to run out of money, but Congress should not make one bad policy choice to avoid another.

Delivering the mail is a core constitutional function, and so is repairing and modernizing our nation’s infrastructure; both provide hundreds of thousands of good middle-class jobs, and both need thoughtful, long-term funding plans, not gimmicks and sleight-of-hand budgeting. Sacrificing six-day delivery, which is especially important to the elderly and rural citizens, to avoid making difficult long‐term decisions to fund our nation’s transportation infrastructure, is not the answer.

Our nation is prosperous enough to have a strong transportation network without sacrificing an efficient and reliable Postal Service. Americans shouldn’t be forced to choose between the two. We urge you to reject the House Leadership’s misguided plan to end Saturday delivery and focus instead on developing long-term funding solutions so the Highway Trust Fund doesn’t run out of money, forcing the deletion or cancellation of thousands of important transportation projects.