Busse is Now Home to a Low Cost Universal Sorter

July 16, 2017
Talent, We Got it
July 29, 2017

The LCUS  is one of its kind in the entire Postal Service processing network. It’s being put to good use, as the plant is already well into peak holiday package volume.

The LCUS allows Busse to automate the processing of non-machinable outsized (NMO) parcels. These are pieces too big to run on the plant’s APPS machines. The LCUS can handle parcels as large as 42 by 30 inches, and also sacks with contents all meant for one destination.

Busse In-Plant Support Manager, Dapo Oladeji, explained the machine was needed because of “the growth in NMOs expected in the Chicago metro area.”

The machine stretches across the entire length of the plant’s east dock area – and beyond. It’s so huge; the installation crew had to create an opening in a wall to accommodate the extra-long conveyor belt.

NMOs are scanned into the machine; there are keying stations for packages where the barcode can’t be read. From that point, there are 14 run-offs where packages can be routed, with room for as many as a dozen APCs at eachrun-off. The LCUS can handle packages leaving by Surface or Air; a Dispatch & Routing tag is printed for air-bound equipment.

The LCUS can handle up to 1,600 pieces per hour – far above what was possible by sorting them manually. Its design allows employees to load packages into equipment more ergonomically, without excess bending and lifting.

It allows Busse to handle NMO volume from the entire Chicago metro area, from Rockford, IL to Gary, IN. “It will enable Busse to process more packages, and clear the volume for dispatch to stations and Associate Offices more timely,” said Oladeji.

And with the plant expecting as much as 15 percent more volume over last holiday season, the new LCUS couldn’t have come at a better time!

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